PJM has done a great job in a series of articles revealing that the FBI and AG’s office had prepared several post-Holy Land Foundation indictments against leading members of CAIR, but that Obama Administration political appointees had nixed the prosecutions. Now AG Holder is blaming the Bush Administration, saying his office was simply doing what President Bush’s had done before. Read the rest here for background and more details.

As Patrick Poole noted in an earlier post on the matter, though, Holder isn’t telling the whole truth. The AG’s office under Bush simply postponed the prosecution of CAIR co-founder Omar Ahmad until all of the initial indictments related to the Holy Land Foundation had been concluded.

Every one in the FBI and the career professionals in the AG’s office continued to work on the case, even though Holder claims that the Bush Administration declined to prosecute.

There is a key difference between waiting to prosecute and declining to prosecute, which is what the Obama Administration has chosen to do.

And why is this? Clearly the decision came from the political appointed hierarchy in Holder’s AG department.

Either Holder and company are scared to further alienate Muslims by prosecuting yet another CAIR executive or they are embarrassed at the fact that they have had a close relationship with him and with CAIR.

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