To you and me, the brutal Islamic law of Shariah is a nightmare; to America’s elites, it’s a cutting-edge growth industry. This is a tale of three appalling twerps who sold out America’s freedom, each in his or her own special way. At the apex stands Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the adenoidal Napoleon of New York, whose monumental betrayals are practically a work of art; much lower down, we find the smug little weasels, Ronnie Schiller and Betsy Liley of NPR, who, over a delicious Washington lunch with avowed Muslim Brotherhood operatives, casually agreed to a splash of treason.

Studying their stories is instructive, for we quickly see that while jobs for America’s regular folks may be disappearing, for the busybody blowhards who rule our civic and cultural life, the opportunities to vacuum up cash in exchange for selling off our freedom are virtually boundless.

In case you were wondering why Mayor Bloomberg refused to meet with 9/11 families protesting the Ground Zero Victory Mosque, and why he reviled them and other patriotic opponents as “un-American,” the mystery is now officially solved: money. Bloomberg, the richest man in New York, has brilliantly maneuvered his position as public guardian of Ground Zero into a priceless asset for his personal fortune.

Here’s the sick news, folks, about the mother of all conflicts of interest.

Bloomberg launches Islamic Finance Platform:

Bloomberg Professional® service executives have announced the launch of a Bloomberg Islamic Finance Platform (ISLM), a solution for Shariah-compliant products and services… The Islamic marketplace is growing rapidly and there is high demand for a wide range of resources,” Dan Doctoroff, President of Bloomberg L.P, said from Kuala Lumpur. “Bloomberg is delighted to increase its commitment to serve this dynamic market….”

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