Last week’s Spotlight on Iran from the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center included the following…

From recruitment of suicide bombers to increased online presence: radical right-wing government supporters step up activities

Hajj Hossein Allah-Karam, one of the founders of the radical Islamic organization Ansar Hezbollah, has announced this week the coming launch of recruiting volunteers for suicide missions to help the Bahrainis’ uprising against the regime.

In an interview to Ammariyon (, a website affiliated with radical circles in the conservative camp, Allah-Karam provided details on the strategy that the Hezbollah Coordination Council, headed by himself, intends to employ to help the “revolutionists” in the region. According to Allah-Karam, the strategy relies on the position of the council, which believes that the government must extend assistance and support to the peoples of Saudi Arabia, Libya, Gaza, Bahrain, and Yemen in their uprisings against their respective regimes.

The strategy consists of four stages: first, organizing processions and distributing memorandums of opinion following Friday prayers in mosques; second, holding demonstrations in front of the embassies of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain; third, creating human chains in Iran’s southern provinces and then in the three islands disputed between Iran and UAE (Abu Musa and the Greater and Lesser Tunbs); fourth, launching flotillas to Bahrain and providing Bahrainis with practical assistance. As part of the strategy, the council will soon begin registering volunteers willing to go to the conflict areas to carry out suicide missions (Ammariyon, April 15).

Hossein Allah-Karam, a former Revolutionary Guards senior officer, is one of the founders and leaders of Ansar Hezbollah, a radical Islamic militia that, mainly in the late 1990s and early 2000s, employed violence against reformists, intellectuals, liberals, and students who opposed the regime.

In September 2005 Allah-Karam expressed support for suicide missions against the West. He claimed that, in light of America’s insistence on maintaining a military option against Iran, there could be no objection to suicide missions, and that dozens of volunteers had already expressed willingness to go on such missions. In 2007 Allah-Karam was made Iran’s military attaché in Croatia.

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