With authorities monitoring borders and activities of al-Qaeda across the world following Osama bin Laden’s death, the Muslim Judicial Council on Tuesday condemned the way in which the al-Qaeda leader was killed.

The council, the largest Islamic representative body in South Africa, described Bin Laden’s death as a failure of justice, saying he should rather have been captured and put on trial.

Bin Laden was shot dead in a pre-dawn raid in Pakistan on Monday.

The council’s Nabeweya Malick said, “The Muslim Judicial Council questions the timing of the action of the United States and also the reason for the killing because we do not believe that any government or any leader has a legal right to order the killing of another person.”

The council also believes the way the body was buried at sea contradicts religious customs and said the burial was disrespectful to a community of over a billion people.

“The actions of the United States have really sent a strong message to the Muslim community globally, that we [United States] don’t respect your customs [or] your religion,” said Malick.

“First of all, they killed the person that they could have arrested and secondly, the manner in which Osama bin Landen’s body was disposed of…”

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