New York City Muslims and community leaders are still shocked that the United States dumped the Muslim terrorist’s body into the ocean. No matter how evil – and even though bin Laden didn’t afford his victims a decent burial – many Muslims said sending his remains to a watery grave was wrong.

NY DAILY NEWS – “All Muslims as good believers are against terrorists (No they aren’t, their holy books instruct them to terrorize disbelievers)  but the way they got rid of his body … is not the way,” said  Hamed Nabawy, owner of The Fertile Crescent grocery in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn’s Arab hub along Atlantic Ave. “We do not burn it. We do not throw it in the water. We bury it in the ground,” said Nabawy, 52. (Nobody cares)

Mohamed Zohny, 69, owner of Islamic Fashion on Atlantic Ave., agreed. ”[Bin Laden] was a very bad man. I do not like the things he did. I do not believe in the things he said. It is better that he is gone,” he said, but he added, “The body belongs to God. We have to bury it.”

Ibrahim Hooper, director of the Terrorist Front Group (CAIR) Council on American Islamic Relations, said the debate “centers on the nature of the individual himself than on the actual burial procedures.” ”There’s a part of human nature that says even a person who has done bad and evil things deserves a decent burial,” he said. (Bin Laden wasn’t human) Still, all things considered, he said he thought the administration “went out of its way” to respect the Muslim burial traditions. (Therein lies the insult to America)

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