Militants loyal to Somalia’s al Qaeda-linked group al Shabaab on Wednesday afternoon executed two young Somalis accused of being spies in a southern Somalia town.


Officials of al Shabaab said the two were found guilty of spying for the transitional federal government of Somalia and the neighboring countries of Kenya and Ethiopia.

“All day, al Shabaab-owned military vehicles mounted with big speakers were crisscrossing around the town of Baidoa in Bay region. They called upon the people to congregate in a square in the town,” said an eyewitness who asked that his name not to be published.

“Crowds of local residents got to gather in Ayub football stadium in Baidoa to watch how the execution had been conducted,” the resident added during a telephone conversation.

The men were brought to the corner of the football stadium where a firing squad shot and killed them, the witness noted. He added that children and women were among the onlookers.