IMMIGRATION Minister Chris Bowen has demanded answers from his department after it failed to tell him a homemade incendiary device had been discovered at Sydney’s Villawood detention centre.

Opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison said Mr Bowen should have known about the “bomb”, and had failed the public and those who worked in the detention system.

“The minister should be explaining himself today. He didn’t know he had a bomb in his detention network,” Mr Morrison said.

The device, believed to have been made from a can of flyspray and canola cooking oil, was found by police after a suspicious fire in a computer room at the detention centre on Saturday, March 19.

The fire came a month before the April 20 riot at Villawood in which nine rooms were gutted and damage caused worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Mr Bowen’s office said he had asked for a full briefing on the matter.

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