The Left would dearly like to see two things happen now that Osama bin Laden has scored his virgins in Islamic paradise. First, leftists hope that the event will convince America that Barack Obama is a strong decisive leader and thus see him re-elected in 2012. Second, they want Obama to use this moment to declare victory in the War on Terror and to pull all troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq, thus effectively ending a war that they believe was “manufactured” in the first place. These progressive hopes metastasized throughout left-wing precincts within a few blinks of the news of bin Laden’s death.

“Let us not sink into a false sense of triumphalism in the wake of Bin Laden’s passing,” the Hamas-loving Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin wrote at the Huffington Post. “His death will only have meaning if it marks the beginning of the end of this ruthless cycle of violence.” She went on to explain that now that bin Laden is dead, there was no need to maintain a US military presence in Afghanistan and Iraq. The fanatics will simply fade away, in Benjamin’s view, and we will have peace in our time.

The National Journal’s Yochi Dreazen speculated that bin Laden’s death “could have an even bigger impact on public support for the Afghan war itself, as many Americans take bin Laden’s death as a sign that the United States has accomplished its mission in Afghanistan and should now begin winding down the unpopular conflict.”

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