The killing of bin-Laden was done purely for re-election purposes. But Obama more than made up for that by setting up al-Qaeda financially for years to come.  One of the first things the U.S.-led coalition did when it invade d Libya in March was to help the radical Islamist led rebels capture the oil fields.  Thanks to Obama, they will no longer need to depend on rich Saudi sheiks to fund jihad because they now control oil fields capable of generating $34 billion worth of black gold a year.

Human Events – (H/T Rob E) – Within a week of the takeover of the oil by the rebels, and while the White House was still promising to send the CIA to Libya to “figure out” who the rebels really were, the U.S. and NATO had brokered a sweet deal for them to control Libya’s oil and sell it to Qatar.  The rebels sent the first shipment, worth about $100 million, by tanker in the beginning of April.

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