Yes folks, what’s happening in the Islamic world is far worse than anything happening in the Catholic Church where pedophilia is concerned, because Islam approves of adult-child sexual relations. In many Muslim countries they call it marriage, but we call it rape, the sexual abuse of minors. This institutionalized form of rape was sanctioned by the founder of Islam, and central to the question of why it’s still tolerated in the Islamic world today. KGS

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Little girls end up as sex slaves for Saudis

Aftenposten: Girl Children between five and 12 years old are sold to wealthy men in Saudi Arabia, where they are held as sex slaves. When they reach maturity, and many are thrown on the street and they end quickly as a prostitute.


Save the Children appeal to the Norwegian and Swedish ministers take up the issue with their Saudi counterparts, and asks private companies to take up the exploitation of children when they hit their business.

– I am not surprised by the information about the existence of such traffic to Saudi Arabia and other countries in the region, particularly in light of that marriage with children is widespread and accepted, “said Sannah Johnson, regional director of the Middle East for the Swedish Save the Children.

A well-organized network of traffickers supplying the Arab market with child brides from the North African country of Mauritania, says U.S. diplomats. Retrieved as sex slaves in their thousands from Yemen, in addition to that there is an extensive sex industry in Yemen offering sex with minors to rich men from the Gulf states, the Wikileaks documents and Aftenposten Bergens Tidende has access to.

7. April 2009

An engaged woman meets an American diplomat in Mauritania’s capital Nouakchott. The day after the diplomat writes a report back to Washington. To start it:

“There is an increase in reports of trafficking of child brides to Saudi Arabia. The girls, usually between five and 12 years old, married off to wealthy Saudi men in exchange for hefty price tags for brides. As soon as they arrive in Saudi Arabia, they become sex slaves of their husbands. “

The engaged woman named Aminetou Mint El Moctar. Completely on their own, she has started a campaign to get the authorities in Mauritania to take the problem seriously. She will not even answer his letters and asks why the United States take up the issue internationally. At the U.S. embassy, ​​she finds one that finally listens.

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