A photograph of four children tucked in a thank-you card from a coworker reminds Jeremy Hoven he did the right thing.

But doing “the right thing” cost the night shift pharmacist his job at the Walgreens drugstore at Napier Avenue and M-139. The national pharmacy chain fired Hoven on Monday, eight days after he fired his handgun to foil an armed robbery and a potentially deadly hostage situation at the store.

“In my mind, I can look at myself in the mirror. I can lay my head down in bed and sleep. In my mind, I did what I had to do,” said the 36-year-old Twin Cities-area resident.

The two masked gunmen fled after Hoven fired three or four shots from his revolver during the 4:30 a.m. incident May 8, a Sunday.

The card came from the family of a Walgreens manager who had been working that shift. Hoven, who spoke in measured, crisp tones, got a little emotional showing the card during an interview Tuesday at The Herald-Palladium.

He carried the card in a three-ring binder of notes, memos and news clippings about the incident.

Hoven’s lawyer, Peter Kosick of St. Joseph, said he is studying whether to pursue a wrongful termination lawsuit.

Berrien County Prosecutor Arthur Cotter said he reviewed police reports and store security video. He said Hoven did nothing criminal.

“It’s one of those difficult cases,” Cotter said. “If you’re Walgreens, what do you do? I’m sure their lawyers don’t want people carrying guns in their store.”

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