2011.06.09 (Maiduguri, Nigeria) – A pastor at a Church of Christ and his secretary are brutally gunned down by Religion of Peace loyalists.
2011.06.09 (Mogadishu, Somalia) – Suicide bombers kill two people at a harbor.
2011.06.09 (Dur Baba, Afghanistan) – Sunni terrorists shoot nine members of a wedding party to death, including the groom and his father.
2011.06.08 (Narathiwat, Thailand) – Two elderly grocers are brought down in their stores by Muslim gunmen in separate attacks.
2011.06.08 (Uruzgan, Afghanistan) – A man and his son are murdered by Taliban militants as they leave a party.
2011.06.08 (Pattani, Thailand) – Four Buddhist policemen bleed to death following an ‘insurgent’ bombing at a friendly soccer game.