Submitted by cbaus on Fri, 06/10/2011 – 07:00.

by Gerard Valentino

Uninformed, elitist, unenlightened and arrogant is no way to go through life, especially if you are a journalist.

Yet, Marilou Johanek seems to have reached the position of editorial columnist with The Toledo Blade despite her aforementioned limitations. Her recent editorial, “On gun in bars, state lawmakers defy logic, safety” – is a testament to the lower journalistic standards so prevalent among Ohio’s old media.

And yes, it also defies logic.

For those not familiar with the term old media, it describes newspapers, certain television news agencies, and other media organizations still run by the leftist media elite. Thomas Suddes from The Cleveland Plain Dealer and Joe Hallett from The Columbus Dispatch are the flag bearers for the old media. The entire Toledo Blade staff is seemingly made up of old media hacks as well.

A requirement of membership in the old media is to never say anything good about the National Rifle Association, or about gun owners. You also can’t acknowledge that groups like Buckeye Firearms Association exist, because it is an admission that gun rights are a mainstream issue with grassroots support, not just a special interest controlled by the NRA’s deep pockets.

But, the biggest failing of the old media, by far, is never admitting when they are wrong.

Prior to the passage of legal concealed carry in Ohio, people of Marilou Johanek’s ilk assured us that blood will run in the streets when law abiding citizens start carrying guns. Then, when guns were allowed to be concealed in cars, they promised it would lead to countless dead law enforcement officers.

In each case, the old media claimed anyone using basic common sense could see the disaster that was about to unfold. The Ohio Fraternal Order of Police opposed legal concealed carry, and concealed carry in cars, by using the same justification as Ohio’s old media.

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