A Muslim living in France has had his bid for citizenship rejected – because he refuses to let his French wife out of the house without permission.

French interior minister Claude Gueant personally intervened to have the man’s nationality application blocked, branding his behaviour ‘un-French and degrading to women’.

The couple in their 30s live in Alsace, eastern France, where the wife only ever steps outdoors chaperoned by her husband, family or trusted female friends, reports said.

A ministry spokesman agreed the Algerian husband had not broken any laws, adding: ‘He does beat her or force her to wear a burka.

‘But he does not allow his wife to make any decisions, she is only allowed outside with his permission and then never alone and does not let her go to work.

‘This is about the principle of equality between the sexes and behaviour that is incompatible with French values.

‘You don’t get to become French simply by marrying a French person.

‘The minister believes this man’s attitude to women is degrading and as such he is not welcome as a citzen of France.’

The ruling comes as the government is debating new laws to curb the flow of jobless immigrants into France.