What they don’t say is that a lawful CCW holder may not drink one drop of alcohol if they have their gun on them.


Over the weekend it became legal in Ohio for concealed carry permit holders to bring a gun into a bar or other business where alcohol is served.

Governor John Kasich signed the new law, Senate Bill 17, in June and it went into effect over the weekend. The law prohibits those carrying a concealed weapon from drinking alcohol, however.

Ohio Senate Bill 17 allows the owner of a private establishment to decide whether or not to permit firearms inside. Some business have already welcomed the new firearm regulation. Crazy Fox Saloon Owner Larry William said in response to the law’s passage ”I like it, I think you should have the right to carry a gun.”

But others proprietors have already posted signs banning firearms from the premises. One Ohioan bar owner told WBNS TV:

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