The Daily Caller scored an interview with Rep. John Larson (CT), chairman of the House Democratic Caucus on Tuesday. And according to the article, Larson has nothing but good things to say about the Occupy Wall St. protests. In fact, he said everybody “ought to take heed” of the protesters, that they have the “right morals,” and that they’re movement is the beginning of an “American Fall.”

“They see the inequities that exist in this country,” Larson told DC reporter Vince Coglianese after addressing group of visiting activists and journalists from Egypt and Tunisia, “and the point is that even an advanced democracy like ours — the Constitution says, ‘We the people, in order to create a more perfect union.’ We’re not there. It’s something that continues to evolve.”

“We have to make sure that as Tunisia, as Egypt, as frankly the whole world starts to look at how free people think and feel, that [they] understand that it’s an evolving process,” he added. “It just doesn’t happen overnight.”

He then turned to praising the Wall St. protesters and Van Jones.

“When you talk about an ‘American Spring,’ look what’s happening with Van Jones, and look what’s happening with a lot of the movements amongst people — even the young people — turning out on Wall Street,” he said.

In response to criticism that the protesters might not have a unified message, he responded, “I don’t know if they have the right message, but they have the right morals.”

“They’re standing up and saying the things they feel deep inside that are working unjustly and unfairly against them,” he concluded, “and everybody ought to take heed, that it’s not only an ‘Arab Spring,’ but there is an ‘American Fall’ as well.”

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